by Winterhawk

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Joe Hargreaves
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Joe Hargreaves Highly recommended Hard Rock. Comparisons can be made to early Rush, yet this is truly an album which stands on its own merits. It's criminal that this album never gained commercial success, but don't let that fact fool you. This would be an incredible "bargain bin" find! Favorite track: Free To Live.
  • Tape, limited to 100 handnumbered copies. Out now!
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Tape reissue of this classic 1982 album from Chicago's Winterhawk.

Limited to 100 handnumbered copies.


released July 27, 2014



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Sarlacc Productions Ireland

Underground Metal label from Ireland.

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Track Name: Ace In The Hole
Get up Sunday morning
Where do I go from here?
I can see through all the laughter
Someone’s showing me my fears

Time goes so slowly when you’re working day to day
Try to keep your inspiration, don’t let nothing slip away

Where do we go from here?
I don’t know
Which is the road ahead that’s clear?
I don’t know

Look to me for your direction
But I might lead you astray
My ideas and my connections
They are changing everyday

Well, I don’t know what we’re doing
But we won’t do nothing less
I won’t change my way of thinking
Just to please somebody else

Track Name: Period Of Change
The time has come for me to leave
I know the taste of what it is to be free
You can’t understand the things I see
You think that I’m dreaming

What could you have to say to me that won’t just bring me down?
I’m on my way, don’t you wait for me
Cause I don’t want you around

It won’t take too long to find what you’re looking for
But it won’t wait outside your door
And I don’t mind living alone
That’s the way I am

I can’t give you everything that you need
I’ve got to many things on my mind
Time after time I let you down
You should have told me goodbye
Track Name: Can't See The Forest For The Trees
For too long you’ve been seeing the world through shaded glasses
For too long you’ve been going out with people from the higher classes
You can’t see me for what I am or past my faded blue jeans
All you see is a man with money and a Porsche powered Sebring

I really love you, you know that I do
I’m kinda hoping that you feel the same way too
But I’m just a man playing my guitar
I guess that’s all I’ll ever be

I got no time for the passage in the chapel or a flower on my lapel
I don’t need no plastic face cause mine does me pretty well
And I could B.S. all day long about the things in the social scene
Of all the people that I could be, you know I think I’d rather be me


I don’t got no million dollar house or a hangar in my back yard
What little money I do earn, I make it work pretty hard
I don’t got no heated driveway, no electric swingin’ gates
All I got is some metric tools and a Fiat 128
Track Name: Revival
Well it’s all for rock and roll
That I have sold my soul
Will you remember me when I am growing old?
Or will I just fade away?

I’ve got to be my own kind of man
I’ve got so many things to say

Well I’ve got to live my dreams
Even though it’s not the way it seems
“Come on in boy, and sign the dotted line”
“I won’t take any more than you’ve got”

Well it’s all for rock and roll
That I have sold my soul
Will you remember me when I am growing old?
Or will I just fade away?
Or will I just disappear?
Will I fade away?

I’m getting along in years
And my friends have all forgotten me
Should I start again?
I really need the money
Can I think of new ideas with an old point of view?
Am I as strong as I used to be?
I’m not as fast as I used to be
But oh, I can feel it
The memories flashing by
I can feel it
I feel I’m getting high

Oh no
It’s so strong that I know I’ve got to try
Hang onto your hats boys
It’s all coming back to me now

Pack your bags and get your things
We’re on the road again
We’re heading out in style
We’re back on the road again
Well this is our second chance and we’re on our way
We’ve got no time to lose
The time has come again
Time has come again
Track Name: Sanctuary
Everybody comes here to keep from runnin’
Everybody’s gonna hide away
Everyone who stays here is being hunted
If you don’t you’re gonna die today

And you could be free if you take the chance and run
You haven’t got far
Head in towards the sun

Won’t you let me in, so I won’t be afraid?
After running for so long, there’s comfort in your walls
How could it feel so good?
How could it feel?

Well I’m not weary, I’ve healed my wounds
Time passes on and I’m still the same
Enter into sadness
Feel my freedom slip away

Under the watchful eyes of the people in the tower
You are safe in here
The guards in the steeple stand
The sanctuary’s safe
Sleep well ‘till the morning comes
And the priests decide your fate

Everybody run
Track Name: Free To Live
I’m leaving tomorrow to try to catch the wind
And no one will wonder who I am again
Don’t question why
Of all the things I do
When I come back, will you be my friend?

Yes I know
You can’t live forever
But I’ve got to be on my way
I can’t take you with me
But I will return again someday

I’ll walk by your window
And I’ll wonder where you’ve gone
When you have left for yours
And I’ve come back for you
That’s when I’ll know if I’ve done you wrong

Yes I know
You can’t live forever
But I’ve got to be on my way
I’m riding on the wind so fast no one else can hang on
So here I go again


Yes I know
You can’t live forever
And time will pass me by again
I’m riding on the wind so fast no one else can hang on
And now I’m free to live